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Shorts, Sales and Moving

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Summer is here and the other day I was thinking of hitting the 4th of July clothing sales to get myself some new shorts. My legs aren’t great after years of standing all day, but it is hot here in the south. Around July, I often reach the point of not caring what my legs look like as long as I don’t look in a full length mirror!

Plus there’s that menopausal weight gain and body weight shift issue, and some shorts aren’t as comfortable as they were last year.

Growing older and seeing our bodies and figures change is tough for menopausal women. We usually figure out how to maintain our health and weight through our 30′s and 40′s, but then it all changes without us seeming to change anything!

Or have we changed a lot and just not been aware of it?

A recent study hitting the news reveals some shocking statistics: up to 51% of us women have no leisure time activity or exercise built into our lives! This is up from 14% in 1994; and felt to be the primary cause for obesity.

So it is not that we are actually eating more calories, although admittedly the calories we are eating may be of lesser quality. Our weight problem has more to do with moving much less than in past years. This can happen slowly and without us being aware of it. We get busier at work and at home, and we feel we can skip the exercise today. Today then becomes tomorrow, the next day and onward; until exercise is no longer a habit.

This slide into inactivity can happen quickly, and can easily be blamed on any number of reasons. There is really only one reason though, and it is not making movement and exercise a firm part of our routine. It is not that we are lazy, we just haven’t placed it high on the priority list and that list can be long.

Now that you have decided you do not want to be part of the 51% of women who don’t exercise, it is time to start making some changes.

Starting with your activity level is a good place to begin. I want you to take these next steps.

Decide what you would like to try for exercise and schedule a time. Sign up for an exercise class either with or without a friend. Get out of the house first thing in the morning for whatever amount of time you can, and do something such as walking. Set an alarm on your watch or phone every 60-90 minutes and walk around the house or office; even run up a flight of stairs.

I absolutely know you will feel better with more movement built into your day. You may have to pick specific activities if you have an orthopedic problem, and I can make suggestions for you to discuss with your medical provider.

As for me, I admitted to myself that my shorts are fine and I will like them more if they are a little looser. I don’t need new ones. So I will be doing my floor exercises more faithfully at night while I watch the evening news.

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Menopause Guide to an Active Healthy Life – #1

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We Americans think of health as activity. We are healthy if we can “DO IT”. When we can go to work, take care of ourselves and our “stuff”, we consider ourselves healthy. That is why when we need to change to prevent problems, we don’t. We don’t like change to prevent problems.  As long as we can GO, we don’t think we need to change.

Then there is the issue of healthy eating. I see patients that are overweight who tell me they eat healthy. That is how they say it “I think I eat healthy”. Yet they are overweight. In our country so many people are obese that we think people that are overweight are “NORMAL”. Here is the thing, you need to have an ideal amount of fat and muscle and that muscle needs to be able to do some work and needs to be required to do that work regularly.

We work while seated or with a minimum of activity. Indoor walking short distances, standing and prolonged sitting is the norm for the majority. The men who pick up my garbage are all slim. Even the men over 40. They walk, lift and pull all day, every day in all kinds of weather. Most of us don’t want that job and most of us carry too great an amount of fat in our bellies and under our skin. It isn’t good for us.

Bruce and I are going to try to explain what is healthy eating. How much food should you eat? What can you do to develop new habits of awareness or some call this awareness “Mindfullness”. What are healthy choices at the supermarket? What is it that you really want?

The first video by Anne is to introduce the concept of slow change. Also to let you know that Anne is available to help you. As a part of this program you will be able to connect with Anne live through the power of internet telecommunications to discuss problems, frustrations and to hear Anne’s coaching advice. She can’t be your “Health Care Provider” or part of that team, but she can be a coach and an encourager of healthy behaviors. OK, here is Anne and Video one:

Here is Video two:

Now that you have viewed these, if you would like to view the rest of the series – there are 5 more and receive the workbook pages and also view the other  coaching videos of Bruce you need to signup below.

For the price of $5, You will receive:

  1. Access to the other 5 videos of Anne, one per week
  2. Her Work Book pages to help you create a plan to use the information effectively
  3. Access to 4 coaching Videos by Bruce who is a Coach of Healthy Behaviors and a Life Coach – one per week with supplemental written material
  4. Invitations to be on live calls with Anne and if you can’t be there, have access to the recordings
  5. Access to this will be for 5 weeks or a cost of just $1 per week.

Act now, click on the button below to enter your PayPal or Credit Card information and gain access to The Menopause Guide to an Active Healthy Life Now!

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Health Problems and Concerns Poll

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Patients in our practice come to us with a variety of complaints.  It is easy to help them because we know specifically what they want helped.  We know if they want relief, reassurance or some advice.  Sometimes they just need to talk and have us listen.

This poll is to help us understand the wants, needs and desires of our readers.  Most of you are just readers. We understand that you want information at low cost and anonymously.  This poll allows you to remain anonymous but provide us with information about your most important concerns with your life and health.  A flaw is that is does not distinguish age groups or the sex of respondents. We assume most of you are women ages 40 and up. Let us know what you want to know. Look for these polls regularly. Thanks

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5 Tips to help Your skin look better

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Everyone wants to look better. I once taught a course called “Recipe to Look Better Naked”.  I called it that for search engine rankings and because people care more about how they look than about their health. Want to look good and have good health too? Here are 5 tips to help you. If you want to know more you are going to want to hear Anne’s interview with Dr. Sue Ellen Cox, a professor of Dermatology at UNC and a Dermatologist in private practice. To listen to that audio you need to become a member by clicking on the membership tab above. Rates are low but will go up substantially on June 1.

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Anne Vaillancourt PAC, is known and the “Menopause Mentor”.  She summarizes what could be called best practices for women in this 5 minute video. Anne is available on live calls to answer the questions of Members of Female Menopause Mentors. Right now, during our introduction, we offer two highly discounted memberships for charter members.  They will remain at that price level as long as they remain members. This intro offer will end May first of 2010 and the cost will jump significantly to reflect the valuse provided here.  Listen to Anne carefully and leave questions to her in the comments form below.

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